Jimmi Accardi and The Action Zone

The Action Zone is headed by guitarist and songwriter Jimmi Accardi. Jimmi has a long list of musical credentials including being lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for 80's recording band The Laughing Dogs, studio work with Harry Nilsson, and touring with Chubby Checker and The Monkees. The band includes guitarist and the CD's co-producer Jonathan Lyerly, bassist Steve Sheppard, and drummer Charlie Nickrenz. The basic tracks for this CD were recorded live, with the band together in one room, in order to capture the energy and spontaneity of the group playing together. Many of the guitar solos were also recorded live. Find more about the band, including video and audio at The Action Zone website.

Action Packed!
The Action Zone's first studio album! From the gorgeous harmonies of opener Somewhere Guy to the full-out extended rocker Come Back To Me, to the blue-eyed soul of If Only In Our Dreams, we are reminded that good music comes in many forms and styles. This album accomplishes what few releases have in recent times: a memorable journey down a diverse musical road that is filled with delightful surprises. And like any good journey, one wants to repeat repeat it over and over.

Jimmi Accardi and The Action Zone: Live at The Nevada Theatre
Live benefit concert in Nevada City, California, May, 2015 for KVMR-FM's Bridge Street Project. This concert has debut live performances of some Jimmi Accardi songs, and some Action Zone performances of songs he originally wrote and recorded with The Laughing Dogs. Listen Get the CD

The Worst of Jimmi Accardi and The Action Zone
Miscellaneous silliness, mayhem, and music from Action Zone rehearsals!

Event Tickets for April 28 at The Elks Lodge, 109 S. School Street, Grass Valley. (Save by getting advance tickets - a copy of your tickets will be emailed to you.) Map at the Action Zone website.

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